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Napa Nectar - The Choice of Researchers and Rodents alikeNapa Nectar™ was developed 20 years ago as a less costly way to provide water for laboratory animals in transit and on special study. Napa Nectar™ is a "water gel pack" that replaces water bags, apples, potatoes and other moisture sources for shipping. Napa Nectar™ customers have found many other uses in the research facility :
•  In lieu of bottles some facilities place the pouch in the wire bar lid as a supplimental water source during rodent weaning.
•  Emergency watering during normal watering supply interruption.
•  Metabolism studies: no water contamination.
•  Biohazard containment areas and Quarantine facilities.
•  Disaster planning, maintaining a supply of water.

Napa Nector™ - packaged in an inert poly pouch, is a sterile product containing FDA approved ingredients .The non-refrigerated shelf life is 18 months. Moisture content is 99.3% by volume. Carefully slice the pouch 2-3 inches providing the animal with access to the Napa Nectar. The large flange allows easy stapling or taping to the shipping container wall, providing easy access for the animals. Provides one week supply for 5 adult mice Slice the pouch 2-3 inches and place it face down in the wire lid. Items are suppplied thirty (30) per case for Napa Nectar 8oz, and fifty (50) per case for Napa Nectar 4oz.

Price Per Case
88-0004 Napa Nector Jr.4oz
$ 90.00
88-0001 Napa Nector.8oz
$ 92.00

Napa Nectar Plus™ - Napa Nectar™ Plus with “Fenbendazole” is a cost effective method of delivering medication to your animals for the treatment of pinworms.

•  Nothing to mix, save time and money.
•  Convenient size, 8 oz (226 g)
•  150 ppm Fenbendazole
•  Easy to use, simply place in the cage.
•  Napa Nectar Plus is color tinted for easy identification.
•  Readily accepted by the animal.

Researchers prefer the delivery of medications through liquids because they mix more thoroughly for consistent treatment of the animal.  Napa Nectar PLUS has been tested for its effectiveness for treatment of pinworms. Carefully slice the pouch 2-3 inches, providing the animal with an access opening to the Napa Necta™. Place the pack in the wire lid where the water bottle would be located. Items are supplied thirty (30) per case.

Price Per Case
88-0006 Napa Nector PLUS.8oz
$ 99.00
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